Thousands raving fans. Enormous billboards all over the world. Magazines publishing awesome articles about them.

A musician’s dream.

But it is challenging. If you are just getting started you might be intimidated with all the leg work that has to be done. You can’t just show up so the world can see how amazing you are. And no, journalist are not just waiting for your pitch. You have to learn how to promote your music the right way. Today we are going to show you five deadly mistakes you might be doing while trying to promote your music and your band.


You are plain boring and have no story

With so many artists around the world and many new born every day, you just need to stand out of the crowd. You need an interesting and inspiring story. Get a friend or two and sit down brainstorming everything about you. Write it down, even if it sounds absurd. Then see through that list. Find something that would be of interest to your fans and tell it to your audience. Don’t be boring. You don’t just need a story, you need a great one.

You are using same old photos.

Now when you have your story, you need to polish your appearance. Selfies just won’t cut it here. Save them for your Instagram and facebook feeds. Get a professional photographer and build a good set of images that you can submit to the press

You don’t have raving fans online

You need to create some buzz around your persona. Sure enough there won’t be buzz without press coverage, and there won’t be press coverage if there is no buzz around you.

This is a bit of catch-22 case, but you need to find your way around. Make you social accounts active and engage your fans. Show the journalists that you have loyal fans that are dying to hear from you.

No upcoming shows to report

Without buzz and loyal fan base, you might be suffering from lack of upcoming performances. No worries, make a short promo tour. Support a cause. Get noticed

No socializing or relationships with influencers

The journalists constantly need new material to write about, but they won’t cover you if they don’t know that you exists. Do one of the following. Either hire a professional PR who already has relationships with editors, OR build these relationships yourself. Identify the influencers in your industry and interact with them. Follow them in social media, interact with them. Comment on their opinions or articles.

Study them thoroughly. Understand what music they cover and what stories they like to tell. Build relationship first, and pitch your thing later.

If you take the time to follow them and truly build a relationship with them, they would be much more likely to write about you.