Many people note that successful musicians are good looking. Is this a trend? Is coincidence? Does good appearance influence performance or good performing musicians are more attractive? In today’s article we are going to dig for some answers. Will we bust the myth or confirm it? Stay with us to find out!

First, note that entertainment and media are demand driven. They will show us only the things and people that are either controversial or that we want to see. And why not. There are plenty of entertainment shows featuring well-known musicians and the public votes for them. When we do, they shows us more of them (think X-factor).

Popular music has to appeal to wide audience. If there are two musicians that play similar music, I bet that the better looking one will become more popular. It is simply human nature to choose to look for stylish and nice looking people. Many of the musicians even undergo plastic surgeries to correct imperfections on their faces and bodies. After all they know that the performances of the most popular of them will be dissected and discussed to death. Even the minor issues will be brought to daylight. The way they dress at an event (there are many charts showing the best dressed, and the worst looking stars), who they date (paparazzi has to earn for a living, too!)

Another thing is that many of the musicians become role-models for the younger people. Who would like a Yeti-lookalike for a role-model?

However, not all of them are totally beautiful. However, they have quite a confidence. Being confident is sexy. Shy is not. In order to get on stage and perform (often times to large audiences) you have to be fuckin’ confident! Confidence can make up for lack of beauty.

Let’s return to the original question: can not-so-attractive people sing? Sure they do. Both are totally unrelated. However, most of the time it is not only music. You will have to appear on video or live performance, and the experience turns visual. Believe me, you will have to be darn good at singing, to be able to afford not to look good.

Any advice for the rising stars? Sure: be your best self every single day. Take a good care for your visual appearance. You might not be born insanely beautiful, but with small effort, most of us can look good.

The good news is that you don’t need to undergo expensive surgeries. Here are a few tips for you that will hopefully help you get one step ahead in your music career:

Get a good haircut that suits the type of your face. There are a number of guides what types of haircuts suit what faces (check this one from Vogue).

Keep your face cleanly shaven, guys. Stubble won’t cut it. Means does not matter, do it the classic way with a good shaving cream and razor or the new way – by using an electric razor.

Trim your nails and keep them looking good. Even without expensive manicure, clean hands and nails improve the overall appearance.

Keep the nasty little hairs from your nose and ears in order. Cut them regularly with a small electric nose trimmer.

Get few set of clothes that make you look smart. Invest in them, don’t get cheap stuff. You might be only able to afford two suits, but you will look like a million dollars in them.