I hope that you will always find something funny and helpful on this blog. In the extremely unlikely case you don't, you can always drink a glass or two of whiskey and you won't care.

I made this blog with the main idea to make it a music blog. However some time passed and I never really had the chance to make it a music blog.

It might be that I simply lack the dedication to do so, it might be pure laziness, or it might be something else. Anyway, I've decided to turn it into a MY place.

A place where I will simply share my travel experiences, life obstacles and the different ways to overcome them.

Sure enough I will blog as much as I can about music. My favorite is the Indie folk rock music. For those who wonder what is that let me just say that Indie folk rock also tends to be very positive music, despite popular opinion. 

Some random facts about me:

  1. I am afraid of spiders
  2. I wear my watch on my right hand
  3. I am left-handed (now N2 makes sense, huh)
  4. I am born and raised in Chicago. I've spent my life traveling around the world
  5. Used to be a member of an indie folk rock band
  6. I love animals more than humans. REALLY.
  7. I love women in red dresses (sing LADY IN RED with me, guys)
  8. I laugh loudly and and often out of the blue love beer and hate coffee

Guess that is enough about me. If you would like to drop me a line or two you can use the comments to do so.