If you’re just getting started in music, you need to look good. You need to be healthy and energetic to speed boost your music career. Sadly, that is not always the case.

However, our inner self is our worst critic. If you let the voice of that critic silence down your healthy inner voice, you will be miserable for the rest of your days. However, if you manage to silence the critic. To feel good for yourself and be pleased with what you have, where you are and who you are, then you will find happiness. First step to that is accepting who you are. Love yourself for who you are, no matter whether you are short or tall, slim or overweight. However, make it a priority to control the features that can be controlled.

Let me give you my extremely simple three-step plan:

  1. SET GOALS: Decide what you want
  2. PLAN YOUR ACTIONS: Plan accordingly
  3. DO: Follow the plan to the end!

Start with you appearance. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what can be improved.

Start small and work from there. Start with the things that can be achieved fastest, so you can get the ball rolling. Get a new haircut. Sleep well. Drink enough water. Don’t overstress over the small things. The shadows below the eyes will disappear. Your skin would look healthier. Get a new set of clothes that make you feel good.

Next: If you have a few pounds more, make it a priority to lose them. Not only you would look much better, your choice of clothes would be much larger, but you will also be healthier. And you will be your fans role-model

Now follow my plan above.

First, set your goals. Don’t be vague here. Simply: “I want to lose weight” is NOT enough. You’ve got to be really specific here. You need a measurable goal and a deadline. Set a goal like: “Reduce weight by 3 stone by 31st of December 2015”. Now you can move on to the next point which is to plan.

It all boils down to a solid fitness plan. Plan your workouts, plan your eating. Be strict but realistic. You can start here.

Now prepare to follow your plan. Do some shopping. Purchase the groceries you will need for the week according to your new healthy menu. Purchase appropriate set of workout clothes and shoes for your trainings. If you have decided that your activity would be playing basketball 3 times a week for an hour, get a set of basketball shoes and clothes. If you prefer to dance (which is highly likely, if you are musician), you would love to Zumba your way to your slimmer self. Just get a pair of good Zumba shoes like these, pants and a breathable top and start dancing.

After you’ve prepared everything you need, there is no more excuses. DO! Just do it. Start today, not tomorrow. Stick to your routine.

I’ve found that most people just surrender once they deviate from their regime. They just lose it. Don’t be these people. It is okay to break the rules once. Let me just whisper to your ear one rule. It is the rule you need to follow to stay on track. NEVER MISS your workout twice, never eat unhealthy foods twice in a row.

That is it! Start today, and reap the results tomorrow!