You are on all social platforms. Spending your time between twitter, facebook, youtube, soundcloud and Instagram. Maybe you are even those venues to communicate with fans. So far so good. Yet there is no website. You might have online presence, but you don’t have an official face.

Sure social media is extremely important to the success of a musician. However, don’t rely solely on it. This is a common mistake I notice with new bands and musicians. They rely SOLELY on social platforms owned by someone else. They don’t have a place they own.

They are simply playing on someone elses grounds. Come on. Get a website. Have a face. Have a platform that you OWN and CONTROL. Given the current era is the IT one, not having a website resembles living under a stone.

Let me give you just a few reasons for that:

  • You look like a Pro.

Even if you are just getting started. Noone will take you seriously without one. You would look more determined and dependable - People research the internet and are looking for you. They only find some twitter and youtube accounts. They immediately think for you as sub-par. Where you can have a quick overview of the band if they don’t have a homepage?

  • You have total control on the content, videos, text on your site.

It is totally up to you how you decide to present yourself/band/. You control the colors, the pages, the way the information is presented. Hell, you can even have a news section with updates for your upcoming performances. No more worries that this information would get lost among all the noise on the social media. No need to pay for your updates to appear in front of your OWN audience’s eyes

  • Social medias change constantly.

Some of them die (remember MySpace and ICQ). Some just disappear before even having the chance to become popular. Yu don’t really know which media would be the next victim of the trends. Your website won’t be accessible to trends. It would simply represent you and only you. The way you like it.

So, don’t wait any longer. Get a website.



Frankly you have three options:

DIY website (for the technically savvy) – use wordpress or other popular platform to quickly built your website. If you don’t know how to make a website but are computer savvy you might want to learn how to built your website. It would take anywhere between few hours and a month depending on your skills and requirements. Will only set you back with 100-200 bucks.

Done for you sites – you can simply outsource that tasks (but not to your neighbour’s offspring, I beg you!) That would cost you more, but in the end you would have a professional looking website withought ruining your nerves.

Mix between these two: there are a number companies offering drag and drop websites or choice between a number of premade templates.

Decide which is your cup of tea, and get it done. Start today!